Source code

BigARTM is hosted in public GitHub repository:

We maintain two branches: master and stable. master branch is the latest source code, potentially including some unfinished features. stable branch will be lagging behind master, and moved forward to master as soon as mainteiners decide that it is ready. Typically this should happen at the end of each month. At the same point we will introduce a new tag (something like v0.7.3 ) and produce a new release for Windows. In addition, stable branch also might receive small urgent fixes in between releases, typically to address critical issues reported by our users. Such fixes will be also included in master branch.

To contribute a fix you should fork the repository, code your fix and submit a pull request. against master branch. All pull requests are regularly monitored by BigARTM maintainers and will be soon merged. Please, keep monitoring the status of your pull request on travis, which is a continuous integration system used by BigARTM project.