Working with iPython notebooks remotely

It turned out to be common scenario to run BigARTM on a Linux server (for example on Amazon EC2), while connecting to it from Windows through putty. Here is a convenient way to use ipython notebook in this scenario:

  1. Connect to the Linux machine via putty. Putty needs to be configured with dynamic tunnel for port 8888 as describe here on this page (port 8888 is a default port for ipython notebook). The same page describes how to configure internet properties:

    Clicking on Settings in Internet Explorer, or Proxy Settings in Google Chrome, should open this dialogue. Navigate through to the Advanced Proxy section and add localhost:9090 as a SOCKS Proxy.

  2. Start ipython notebook in your putty terminal.

  3. Open your favourite browser on Windows, and go to http://localhost:8888. Enjoy your notebook while the engine runs on remotely :)

Working with iPython notebooks remotely