Python code on Windows

  • Install Python 2.7 (this step is already done if you are following the instructions above),

  • Add Python to the PATH environmental variable

  • Follow the instructions in README file in directory $(BIGARTM_ROOT)/3rdparty/protobuf/python/. In brief, this instructions ask you to run the following commands:

    python build
    python test
    python install

    On second step you fill see two failing tests:

    Ran 216 tests in 1.252s
    FAILED (failures=2)

    This 2 failures are OK to ignore.

At this point you should be able to run BigARTM tests for Python, located under $(BIGARTM_ROOT)/python/tests/.

  • [Optional] Download and add to MSVS Python Tools 2.0. All necessary instructions can be found at This will allow you debug you Python scripts using Visual Studio. You may start with the following solution: $(BIGARTM_ROOT)/src/artm_vs2012.sln.