Release new version

This is a memo for BigARTM maintaineres about releasing new BigARTM version.

  • Submit and integrate pull request against master branch to

    • bump version in src/artm/CMakeLists.txt,
    • bump version in python/,
    • update links to the latest release in docs/downloads.txt.
  • Run installation tests in bigartm-install repository

    • Bump version in script
    • Submit pull request and inspect both personal builds - for Appveyor (Windows) and for Travis (Linux)
    • If installation build fails investigate and fix issues before releasing the new version
  • Submit and integrate pull request against stable branch to integrate all changes from master branch.


    Choose REBASE option when merging pull request. DO NOT use squash commits option.


    Make sure to wait for personal build (appveyor and travis), and investigate issues if builds are failing.

  • Create new release here:

    • fill in vX.Y.Z tag
    • fill in a description, using previous release as an example
    • download BigARTM.7z from python2 job in the latest appveyor build. Rename it to BigARTM_vX.Y.Z_win64.7z, and attach as binary to the release.
  • Update bigartm-docker repo and image

    • Only once: install docker from . If you run docker in a VM, configure memory to at least 8 GB (otherwise docker build fails to compile bigartm c++ code). If you are new to docker, read a tutorial on how to publish containers on docker hub.

    • Edit Dockerfile to update BigARTM version in the git clone command. Click Commit changes to submit this change directly to master branch of bigartm-docker repository.

    • Clone bigartm/bigartm-docker repository and open command shell. Change working directory to the root of bigartm-docker repository.

    • Build and publish the image. Example:

      docker build .
      docker login
      docker images   # to find the tag
      docker tag e744db1be133 ofrei/bigartm:v0.8.2
      docker tag e744db1be133 ofrei/bigartm:latest
      docker push ofrei/bigartm:v0.8.2
      docker push ofrei/bigartm:latest
  • Send an announce e-mail to