Changes in BigARTM CLI


  • added option --rand-seed to initialize random number generator; without this options, RNG will be set using system time
  • added option --write-vw-corpus to convert batches into plain text file in Vowpal Wabbit format
  • change the naming scheme of the batches, saved with --save-batches option. Previously file names were guid-based, while new format will look like this: aabcde.batch. New format ensures the ordering of the documents in the collection is be preserved, given that user scans batches alphabetically.
  • added switch --guid-batch-name to enable old naming scheme of batches (guid-based names). This option is useful if you launch multiple instances of BigARTM CLI to concurrently generate batches.
  • speedup parsing large files in VowpalWabbit format
  • when --use-modality is specified, the batches saved with --save-batches will only include tokens from these modalities. Other tokens will be ignored during parsing. This option is implemented for both VW and UCI BOW formats.
  • implement TopicSelection, LabelRegularization, ImproveCoherence, Biterms regularizer in BigARTM CLI
  • added option --dictionary-size to give user an easy option to limit his dictionary size
  • add more diagnostics information about dictionary size (before and after filtering)
  • add strict verification of scores and regularizers; for example, BigARTM CLI will raise an exception for this input: bigartm -t obj:10,back:5 --regularizer "0.5 SparsePhi #obj*". There shouldn’t be star sign in #obj*.


  • renamed --passes into --num-collection-passes
  • renamed --num-inner-iterations into --num-document-passes
  • removed --model-v06 option
  • removed --use-dense-bow option