Windows distributionΒΆ

This chapter describes content of BigARTM distribution package for Windows, available at

Precompiled binaries of BigARTM for Windows.
This folder must be added to PATH system variable.
Core functionality of the BigARTM library.
Command line utility allows to perform simple experiments
with BigARTM. Remember that not all BigARTM features are
available through cpp_client, but it can serve as a good
starting point to learn basic functionality. For further
details refer to /ref/cpp_client.
A minimalistic version of Google Protocol Buffers
library, required to run BigARTM from Python.
To setup this package follow the instructions in
protobuf/python/README file.
Python programming interface to BigARTM library.
This folder must be added to PYTHONPATH
system variable.
Implements all classes of BigARTM python interface.
Contains all protobuf messages that can be transfered in
and out BigARTM core library. Most common features are
exposed with their own API methods, so normally you
do not use python protobuf messages to operate BigARTM.
Python examples of how to use BigARTM:
Files docword.kos.txt and vocab.kos.txt represent
a simple collection of text files in Bag-Of-Words format.
The files are taken from UCI Machine Learning Repository
Several programming interfaces to BigARTM library.
Protobuf messages for C++ interface
Protobuf description for all messages that appear in the
API of BigARTM. Documented here.
LICENSE License file of BigARTM.