Installation for Windows users


Download latest binary distribution of BigARTM from Explicit download links can be found at Downloads section (for 32 bit and 64 bit configurations).

The distribution will contain pre-build binaries, command-line interface and BigARTM API for Python. The distribution also contains a simple dataset. More datasets in BigARTM-compatible format are available in the Downloads section.

Refer to Windows distribution for details about other files, included in the binary distribution package.

Configure BigARTM Python API

  1. Install Python, for example from the following links:

    Remember that the version of BigARTM package must match your version Python installed on your machine. If you have 32 bit operating system then you must select 32 bit for Python and BigARTM package. If you have 64 bit operating system then you are free to select either version. However, please note that memory usage of 32 bit processes is limited by 2 GB. For this reason we recommend to select 64 bit configurations.

    Please note that you must use Python 2.7, because Python 3 is not supported by BigARTM.

    Also you need to have several Python libraries to be installed on your machine:

    • numpy >= 1.9.2
    • pandas >= 0.16.2
  2. Add C:\BigARTM\bin folder to your PATH system variable, and add C:\BigARTM\python to your PYTHONPATH system variable:

    set PATH=%PATH%;C:\BigARTM\bin
    set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Python27;C:\Python27\Scripts

    Remember to change C:\BigARTM and C:\Python27 with your local folders.

  3. Setup Google Protocol Buffers library, included in the BigARTM release package.

    • Copy C:\BigARTM\bin\protoc.exe file into C:\BigARTM\protobuf\src folder
    • Run the following commands from command prompt
    cd C:\BigARTM\protobuf\Python
    python build
    python install

    Avoid python test step, as it produces several confusing errors. Those errors are harmless. For further details about protobuf installation refer to protobuf/python/README.