Installation for Linux and Mac OS-X users

Currently there is no distribution package of BigARTM for Linux. BigARTM had been tested on several Linux OS, and it is known to work well, but you have to get the source code and compile it locally on your machine.

System dependencies

Building BigARTM requires the following components:

  • git (any recent version) – for obtaining source code;
  • cmake (at least of version 2.8), make, g++ or clang compiler with c++11 support, boost (at least of version 1.40) – for building library and binary executable;
  • python (version 2.7) – for building Python API for BigARTM.

To simplify things, you may type:

  • On deb-based distributions: sudo apt-get install git make cmake build-essential libboost-all-dev
  • On rpm-based distributions: sudo yum install git make cmake gcc-c++ glibc-static libstdc++-static boost boost-static python (for Fedora 22 or higher use dnf instead of yum)

Download sources and build

Clone the latest BigARTM code from our github repository, and build it via CMake as in the following script.

cd ~
git clone --branch=stable
cd bigartm
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..

Note for Linux users: By default building binary executable bigartm requiers static versions of Boost, C and C++ libraries. To alter it, run cmake command with option -DBUILD_STATIC_BIGARTM=OFF.

System-wide installation

To install command-line utility, shared library module and Python interface for BigARTM, you can type:

sudo make install

Normally this will install:

  • bigartm utility into folder /usr/local/bin/;
  • shared library (artm.dylib for Max OS-X) into folder /usr/local/lib/;
  • Python interface for BigARTM into Python-specific system directories, along with necessary dependencies.

If you want to alter target folders for binary and shared library objects, you may specify common prefix while running cmake command via option -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=path_to_folder. By default CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local/.

Configure BigARTM Python API

If you want to use only Python interface for BigARTM, you may run following commands:

# Step 1 - install Google Protobuf as dependency
cd ~/bigartm/3rdparty/protobuf/python
sudo python install

# Step 2 - install Python interface for BigARTM
cd ~/bigartm/python
sudo python install

# Step 3 - point ARTM_SHARED_LIBRARY variable to (libartm.dylib) location
export ARTM_SHARED_LIBRARY=~/bigartm/build/src/artm/        # for linux
export ARTM_SHARED_LIBRARY=~/bigartm/build/src/artm/libartm.dylib     # for Mac OS X

We strongly recommend system-wide installation as there is no need to keep BigARTM code after it, so you may safely remove folder ~bigartm/.


While building BigARTM you can see lines similar to the following:

Building python package protobuf 2.5.1-pre
  File "/home/ubuntu/bigartm/3rdparty/protobuf/python/", line 52
    print "Generating %s..." % output
SyntaxError: Missing parentheses in call to 'print'

This error may happen during google protobuf installation. It indicates that you are using Python 3, which is not supported by BigARTM. (see this question on StackOverflow for more details on the error around print). Please use Python 2.7 (e.g Python 2.7.11) to workaround this issue.

Using BigARTM Python API you can encounter this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
File "build/bdist.linux-x86_64/egg/artm/wrapper/", line 19, in __init__
File "build/bdist.linux-x86_64/egg/artm/wrapper/", line 53, in _load_cdll
OSError: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Failed to load artm shared library. Try to add the location of `` file into your LD_LIBRARY_PATH system variable, or to set ARTM_SHARED_LIBRARY - a specific system variable which may point to `` file, including the full path.

This error indicates that BigARTM’s python interface can not locate (libartm.dylib) files. In such case type export ARTM_SHARED_LIBRARY=path_to_artm_shared_library.

BigARTM on Travis-CI

To get a live usage example of BigARTM you may check BigARTM’s .travis.yml script and the latest continuous integration build.